How Did Online Slots Change the Online Casinos?

There’s no deny that online slots are the heart of any online casino out there. But how did these games become so popular? And where they always a success or something huge happened to increase their popularity. If you are asking yourself the same questions, then join us in a quest in the land of free slots and real money games to discover how the online slots changed the gambling scenery for good. We promise not to deliver a boring article with historical facts about the evolution of slot machines and gambling altogether but give you some inside info and hints on how to slots work and what makes them so desirable by casino players. So, put the free slot games you are playing right now on pause and let’s get started.

Short History of Online Slots

Don’t worry, we did not forget what we promised in the introduction, this is not going to go all historical and stuff. We just wanted to point out the fact that even though online slots were introduced in the late 19th century, they had a long fight with the much more popular card games like poker, blackjack or baccarat for a good portion. The free casino slots went through a boom in popularity when each bar and corner shop had one installed along with the legalization of gambling. From this point on, slots would never step down from the first position when it comes to the most enjoyed casino games.

The chapter of online slots and casinos opened a whole different universe for these already popular games. The fact that everyone with an internet connection and a computer could enjoy slots from the comfort of their home was a huge game changer. In fact, it was free slot machines with free spins that helped promote the online casino industry in such an aggressive manner that nowadays there are thousands of different casinos out there.

Tips and Strategy to Apply with Online Slots

Now, every casino player is after that big win that will change their lives forever. However, everyone that spent a fair amount of time in a casino or online knows that any free slot games casino has certain rules in place to keep everything in balance. This does not mean you can not bend these rules a little bit and make luck come your way. However, you should never forget that luck is the main element of decision when it comes to an online slot. If with table games like Blackjack or poker you do have an element of decision making you feel like you’re in control (even though it’s all based on luck in the end at those games as well), the rotating reels of an online slot are only controlled by luck and the Random Number Generator that establishes the final positions of the reels.

The first tip towards getting better at casino games is to play free slots and get a hang on the symbols, payment structures and winning combinations. No matter how much time you spend studying the symbols in the paytable, only by actually playing the game you will be able to truly understand the relation between the symbols and how to take full advantage. Another good reason for practicing on free slots beforehand comes from the fact that you will already know what each special bonus round does and act accordingly when it comes to risking your hard earned cash.

Another useful strategy is to always look for the slots that have a high RTP. The Return to Player dictates how much of the total bets placed on an online slot is returned as winnings. Different slots have different RTPs, however, an industry average would be around 97%. The developers of online slots should display the RTP information and when you play slots for free that info can be used to decide exactly which slot to try.

After you are certain that the slot you picked has the best RTP, it is time to think about variance as well. Variance can be low or high and it refers to how often a slot will pay as well as the value of each payout. Low variance slots will pay more often but the amounts in these wins will hardly overcome the amount you placed as a bet. On the other hand, high variance slots will deliver fewer payments on the overall gameplay, however the value of a win is considerably bigger. When choosing free slots for fun play, think about the variance as well and try to observe what type of slots fits best with your playing style.

Best Software Developers

You probably already know that the slots are not produced by casinos. Well, at least not all of them since there are a lot of online casinos that also create their own games. However, the vast majority of free online slots are created by casino software developers that specialized in games creation for the top casinos. Over the years, two companies have managed to establish themselves as industry leaders: Microgaming and NetEnt. And while Microgaming was there on the first ever online casino that existent, NetEnt joined the race a bit later. You will have to look hard and long for a casino that doesn’t feature the games of either of these software giants. Titles like Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II, Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Jungle Spirit, Tarzan, Castle Builder or Vikings will surely ring a bell.

Advantages of Playing Free Slots

Apart from the obvious advantage of getting ready for a real money gaming session, playing free slots comes with other advantages as well. Perhaps the most important advantage you get opposed to real money slots is that you can relax while the reels spin knowing that you are not risking any funds. Another benefic effect of free slots comes from the fact that you can always end a session if you have something else to do.


No matter if you play free online slots for fun or as a mean of getting ready for the real money adventure, these wonderful creations are a great way to relax and enjoy a high-quality experience. Check slots from multiple software providers and decide on what’s the best for you. Remember to always try different bet sizes and see what works best.