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How to Cheat the Rainbow Riches slot machine? – Explained Guide

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Publish date: April 8, 2020

Are you looking for cheats to play the Rainbow Riches slot machine online? If you are looking for tricks to play online or offline, here is a little tip for you, give up. Why give up? Because there are no cheats to Rainbow Riches, slot machines are there to make money and not dish it out. Yes, you may have heard rumors about some fellow down the pub who can Rainbow Riches cheats, but that is all they are, pure and simple, rumors. However all is not lost, even though there are no magic cheats which will allow you to drop the big one every time you play, there are some hand tips to follow, which will give you greater success when playing Rainbow Riches online or off.

Basic Tips and Tricks

Follow some basic tips and tricks when playing the Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold slot, and you could see yourself winning more often than you usually do. It is always best to start on low stakes. By small like 10p – 20p a spin, doing this, you can get a feel for how the machine is going to play if you have spun a good few games. The bonus has not yet come in, then it is likely to come in quite soon, so experienced players frequently play out a lot of games before the bonus comes in, and when they get the feeling it is coming near, they up their stake to a much larger stake, say from 10p per spin to about £5 per spin, or whatever suits your budget.

Secondly, it is always recommended that you play online. Why may you ask? Well, for the simple reason that when you play Rainbow Riches pokie machines online, you get a better payout percentage. Not only do you get a better payout percentage, but you also get a better bonus frequency.

Tips for Playing a Slot Machine

Another main reason to play online, with tips for playing a slot machine, is that you can receive high bonus amounts of cash from online casinos. If you are a new member, in fact, in some cases, you can get completely free money without even depositing a penny. Look at it this way, you can either go down to your local bookies and get £100 for your £100, or you can play online and get £200 for your £100. Again, the online casino has the best offers at the moment. First up, you get £10 free, no deposit required; secondly, you get a 100% deposit bonus on your first deposit worth up to £1000. So the maximum bonus you deposit £1000, and the casino matches It with a free £1000.

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